Welcome to the New Dark Age?


This excellent peice has two ironies built in.  It is, some will say, another screed on the Web-based age, shared, mind you, via that Web-based “monster.”  But another irony looms in this very long piece.  In our mad rush to make “everything” available over the Web, are we inadvertently ushering in a new Dark Age?  

Are we stifling critical thinking in our brave new world? In our digital dash to make everything online, are we missing the piece that says we may not be able to process information this way, this rapidly, and for this long?  And in order to accomodate this, we have to break in to bite-sized pieces?  Many will scoff at this idea, but are we so sure.

 Not everything in the piece is agreeable to everyone, of course, but it is VERY worth the time it takes to read.

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