Ferguson’s Career Center

The critically acclaimed Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center features authoritative, wide-ranging content that is accessible and intuitively organized. This comprehensive career research database is broken down into three main sections: Job and Industry Profiles, Job-Hunting and Workplace Skills, and Career and Industry Resources.

Our career research database is known for its unprecedented depth of coverage and variety of user-friendly content formats, such as informative articles, videos, interviews, special features, and more. The material is drawn from a range of authoritative sources and is extensively indexed.

  • Job and Industry Profiles: nearly 3,400 jobs and 94 industries, broken down into 16 Career Clusters created by the Department of Education
  • Job-Hunting and Workplace Skills: guidance on getting a job and keeping it—establishing a career path, honing interview skills, writing résumés, and more
  • Career and Industry Resources: more than 55,000 searchable, browsable resource entries, divided into convenient categories on fellowships, organizations, internships, scholarships, and awards
  • Career Interest Assessment: a feature that helps users identify their interest areas and discover related jobs and industries.


  • Nearly 300 videos covering jobs, industries, and career development skills
  • Advice from nationally renowned author and career expert Sue Morem for recent graduates, job seekers, and people advancing in the workplace
  • “My Life” interviews with professionals, giving a firsthand perspective on exciting jobs
  • Career Opportunities News, updated monthly
  • Dictionary
  • “Did You Mean…?” search feature
  • Persistent record links
  • Examples of full citations in MLA, 7th Edition; Chicago Manual of Style; and APA styles.

View thus resource through the library’s list of databases or directly to this link.

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