We Need Friends Like You!

It’s not often that I use this space for entirely self-serving ends.  In addition to being inappropriate, it’s simply also in poor taste.  Unfortunately, the downturn in national the economy combined with Dacus needs leaves me little choice.

We need Friends like you.  The capitalization is not ill-advised.  We want you, we need you, to join the Friends of Dacus.  If you’re new to Winthrop, you may not know about this group.  Let me be the first to introduce you to the Friends.  Faculty staff, students and community members who wish to help Dacus meet the growing demands of its now global outreach make up the Friends of Dacus.  And we need your help.  If you want to join a service project where your help will be lavishly appreciated, the Friends of Dacus is the organization to join.

But you’re not just helping Dacus; you’re helping our students.  For more years that I can count, the Friends of Dacus has provided literally thousands of  books for Winthrop students.  Friends’ purchases have augmented the Dacus collection on average more than 175 titles annually.  During these very difficult and trying economic times, such help is fundamentally important.  Today, it’s needed more than ever before.

The Friends of Dacus needs your presence, too, in the form of offices to fill or roles to play. Just by joining the Friends of Dacus you might well make the difference between a good year and a great one.  We have plenty for you to do, and this organization will only be made better when you join and lend your hand.  So, if you’re a student, the parent of a student,  a faculty member, a staff member, or  just a Web surfer who wants to help, please let us know.  Joining the Friends of Dacus has never been easier.  Simply fill out the online form and you’re in. 

While there are many benefits to joining the Friend of Dacus, none strikes me as more persuasive than making an active contribution to the history of ideas.  Moreover, you aid the divine gift of language and letters, as Chesterton had it, to outlive us all.

Wow!  Seriously, how many other groups can make that claim?

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