Library Exhibit- Everything But A Touchdown! Winthrop Athletics Through the Years


Junior-Senior Baketball Match- April 1911

Everything But A Touchdown! Winthrop Athletics Through the Years

Following Winthrop’s move from Columbia to Rock Hill, SC in 1895, Winthrop began its physical education and Athletics program. Winthrop students participated in and were taught gymnastics, basketball, tennis, field hockey, baseball, and softball. For most of Winthrop’s history before the rise of commuter students in the 1970s and 1980s began to break down class cohesion, each class would be pitted against the other in each of these sports. Each class would play the others until one class came away victorious and would get their names etched into that year’s trophy for eternal bragging rights. Dacus Library’s commemoration of Winthrop’s 125th academic year continues with the October exhibit on the Main Floor of the Library. The exhibit highlights the Winthrop athletic and physical education programs over the past 125 years. The exhibit will include photographs dating from the 1890s, memorabilia such as athletic equipment, uniforms, trophies, and much more. Visitors may view the exhibit during library hours from October 5 to November 2. For more information or questions, please contact the Archives at or (803) 323-2334.

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