Database Platform Highlights

Highlights of the Platform Update

New JSTOR Home Page: Browse by Discipline

Advanced Search Page: Add a Field, Include only content I can access or search all
MyJSTOR Saved Searches Page: Run or manage saved searches
Search Results Page: Save a search, Show only content I can access or all, Access icons
List of Volumes and Issues Page: The most recent issues are listed at the top, Decades can be expanded or collapsed, External links to current issues have a yellow arrow icon
Item Information Page: Search this Issue or This Title or All Titles, PDF file size listed, References and Items Citing this Item listed
Export Citations: Export or email multiple citations, MyJSTOR account not required

The recent platform update introduces several immediate improvements to the site, but also lays the groundwork that will support the addition of current journal content in 2011 as part of the JSTOR Current Scholarship Program. Further improvements are planned for late 2010.

View this resource through the library’s list of databases or directly to this link.

Changes on EBSCOhost

  • The limiter and the date slider column will move from the right to the left of the Result List, a more intuitive position that consolidates the ways users can refine and work with their results in one area. For a look at the updated Result List, you can copy and paste this URL into your browser:
  • Detailed record pages will be more streamlined, and links to full text, your link resolvers, ILL, etc. will be more prominently displayed on the left.
  • Users will be able to select multiple clusters and source types when managing results.
  • There will be an enhanced PDF Viewer, Content Viewer, HTML Full Text, etc.
  • A “breadbox” will show users which limiters, expanders and source types have already been selected, and enable easy removal of these refinements.
  • The Hierarchical Subject Authority File in certain databases will be adjusted to align with the style already in use in our academic databases (screen shots included in this Top Story-
  • Simpler overall interface elements will increase the intuitiveness of the user experience.

View this resource through the library’s list of databases or directly to this link.

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