What the Ringing Bells Mean

We know sometimes you are so engrossed in your work that when the library closes at night, you just don’t hear the bells, announcements and warnings from staff. And sometimes, students can get locked into the building after hours. If this happens to you, call Campus Police at 323-3333 and an officer will come over and let you out.

While this type of incident happens fairly infrequently, being locked in the building after hours is not a safe situation for our students and should be avoided whenever possible. The surest way to avoid this is to familiarize yourself with the library’s hours (posted at the entrance, in several locations on each floor, and on the library’s web site).

In addition, please be aware that staff go through several steps to notify patrons about closing:

  • At ten minutes before closing, an announcement is made, followed by the bells ringing. Also, staff begin walk throughs
  • At five minutes before closing, a second announcement is made, followed by the bells ringing. Also, the front entrance is locked and lights are turned off.
  • At the proper closing time, a final announcement is made. Patrons are expected to be out of the building. Closing staff will leave and lock the doors

If you are unable to hear announcements in a particular part of the building or cannot tell that the lights have been turned off, please notify the library staff and we will attempt to rectify the situation.

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