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Albin O. Bauer- ca1913

ALBIN O. BAUER LETTERS, 1914-1934 (Accession 526 M225 (272)

Albin O. Bauer (1938-1982) was a professor and the director of music at Winthrop from 1907-1913. He was retired and moved back to Germany in 1913 just before the outbreak of World War I. The letters provide a nostalgic glimpse of life in Rock Hill in the early twentieth century and provide information from the German point of view about World War I by a former resident of the United States. The letters detail the struggles Mr. Bauer endured while attempting to reconcile his admiration of the U.S. with his love of Germany and the German Culture that was threatened during World War I and what life was like following the defeat of the Germans in the war. Most of the letters were written to the Fewell family of Rock Hill, SC with whom he lived with while working at Winthrop.

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One thought on “Archives Collection Spotlight

  1. Oh my god, I found my grandmas uncle from Reichenbach in Vogtland/Sachsen. His Sister was my grandgrandma! My mothers mother.
    I’m thankful, that there are people who find him worth mentioning in this article here! I ‘m getting curious what he did write in his letters.
    My best wishes and kind regards, from Ingrid from Germany.

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