Ebrary –There’s an App for That!

The e-reader for Ebrary now has free app at the Apple Store and can be used on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  Not only can you read Ebrary books anywhere on your (or one of the library’s 15) iPad easily, but you can also import your own PDF documents through the app itself.

The Ebrary app will be on the library’s iPads, but you can put one on your iPhone or iPad by surfing to the apple store and downloading the Ebrary app.

As many of your know, Dacus purchased 70,000 ebooks at the beginning of the year (that number is closer to 100,000 as of this writing) through Ebrary, one of the growing number of vendors now offering electronic monographs at a greatly reduced cost.  About 80% of these titles were published between since 2000.    Moreover, we also instituted DDA, or demand-driven acquisitions.  In plain English, this option allows users to see tens of thousands of titles, nearly all of which are new (current year, 2011-2012), and pay nothing for them–literally.  Our costs are “triggered” only when someone (faculty or student) looks at ten pages or more of a given title, or ten minutes each (whichever comes first).   After three short-term loans (separate occurrences), the fourth access becomes a purchase.  Less than that, and there is no charge.

The advantages of this are obvious because in any given library, under print-only titles, at least 40% of  purchased monographs are not only not examined in the first year of ownership, but also very likely never.  With print-only titles, there is simply no way of knowing which titles will be successful and which will not until the actual books arrive.  Using DDA allows us to purchase ONLY those titles acessed since only those that are, are the ones being charged to us. 

With the new Ebrary app, patrons can now read these titles on any iPad, iPhone or iPod.

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