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Dr. James P. Kinard, Winthrop's Second President, 1928-1934
Dr. James P. Kinard, Winthrop’s Second President, 1928-1934
Mrs. David Bancroft Johnson- 1902
Mrs. David Bancroft Johnson- 1902


AUDIO MEDIA COLLECTION, 1934-2008 (W427.7)

The Audio Media Collection consists of reel-to-reel tapes, cassette recordings, CDs, and other forms of audio recordings produced by and for Winthrop University. The recordings are an invaluable snapshot of Winthrop’s history and allows a small window to listen in on Winthrop’s past.

Have you ever wondered what Winthrop’s Second President (1928-1934), James Pinckney Kinard’s pronounced southern accent sounded like or what Mai Rutledge Smith Johnson’s (wife of founder and first president of Winthrop, David Bancroft Johnson) experiences as a student in 1897 and as Winthrop’s First Lady were like? The Archives can satisfy your longstanding curiosity through its digitization program that is producing digital surrogates of these recordings, 10 of which (listed below) have been successfully transferred and are available to all interested parties. To satiate any immediate curiosity, two of these recordings are available through the Library blog:

Dr. James Pinckney Kinard Reading Shakespeare’s 30th Sonnet

Mrs. David Bancroft Johnson’s Winthrop Recollections

Other audio clips available at the Archives:

1. Dr. Shelton J. Phelps (Winthrop’s third president, 1934-1943) – Inaugural Address (1934) and Dr. James P. Kinard (Winthrop’s second president, 1928-1934) Reads Shakespeare (dubbed from earlier 78 RPM recording) –Recorded July 19, 1962

2. All-State Band Concert – Originally recorded January 31, 1959, William F. Santelmann-Conductor

3. Dr. Robert Strozier’s Address at the Inauguration of Dr. Charles S. Davis (Winthrop’s fifth president, 1959-1973) – Originally recorded March 18, 1960

4. Mrs. David Bancroft Johnson Talks with Roy Flynn – Originally recorded August 22, 1961

5. Mrs. Shelton P. Phelps Remembers Winthrop 1934-43 – Originally recorded May 26, 1962

6. Mrs. James P. Kinard Talks with Roy Flynn (Prof. of Communications, 1961-1983) About Winthrop – Originally recorded May 26, 1962

7. Winthrop Alumnae Association Meeting – Murrells Inlet, SC – Originally recorded March 20-24, 1964

8. Recollections by Mrs. David Bancroft Johnson – Originally recorded 1964-1965

9. Dr. Charles S. Davis’ Gift Presentation – Originally recorded April 30, 1973

10. Dr. Harold Gilbreth (Professor, 1935-1974) Discusses Beginnings of Coeducation with Roy Flynn – Originally recorded November 21, 1975

For more information please contact the Archives

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