Exhibit: Vernon Terry Collection

Capitol Building
Capitol Building



If you haven’t noticed (and how can you help but notice) this year is a presidential election year. The United States has elected 44 presidents over the past 200 plus years and all of them have left some documentary evidence of their terms. In homage to our country’s passion for a good political contest, the latest Pettus Archives exhibit features signatures and political memorabilia of some of the 44 men who have held the office of President of the United States. The signatures and memorabilia are part of the Vernon Terry collection. Following are just a few of the signatures found in the exhibit:

-Andrew Jackson [1767-1845], a South Carolina native, 7th president serving from 1829 to 1837

-Grover Cleveland [1837-1908], only president to serve two non-consecutive terms, 22nd and 24th president serving from 1885 to 1889 and 1893 to 1897

-Thomas Jefferson [1743-1826], author of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd president serving from 1801 to 1809

-Abraham Lincoln [1809-1865], immortalized by his Emancipation Proclamation, his Gettysburg Address and the American Civil War, 16th president serving from 1861 to 1865

In addition to presidential signatures, there are also signatures of Vice Presidents and Confederate statesmen, photographs, campaign memorabilia, artifacts and much more. Also displayed are some items from the political collections of the Pettus Archives.

Vernon Terry, a York County resident, local historian, and supporter of Winthrop University, is an enthusiastic collector of Americana. He and his wife Ann who is a member of the Winthrop University Foundation Board graciously allowed the Pettus Archives to display some of his treasures.

The exhibition runs from August 6 through September 14 and can be viewed 8:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday at the Louise Pettus Archives at 700 Cherry Road in Rock Hill.

For further information on the Terry collection or any of the Archives holdings, please call (803) 323-2334 or e-mail at archives@winthrop. edu.

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