Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction:

 At one time there was a movement at Winthrop to have the school’s name changed to “Johnson College” in honor of founder and first president David Bancroft Johnson.

David Bancroft Johnson- 1920s
David Bancroft Johnson- 1920s
Robert C. Winthrop- nd
Robert C. Winthrop- nd


In 1920, the Board of Trustees appealed to the state legislature to change the school’s name from “Winthrop Normal and Industrial College” to “Winthrop College, The South Carolina College for Women” believing that the word “Industrial” was being associated with “reformatory” education. This request to change the institution’s name sparked a movement to rename Winthrop in President Johnson’s honor, however President Johnson denied the request on the grounds that Robert C. Winthrop, through his financial support and as Chairman and President of the Peabody Education Fund, was instrumental in the founding of the institution and had done so “much for the cause of education in the South.”

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