Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections Exhibits

May-June 2013

Art and archaeology will be the subject of two new exhibits at the Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections at Winthrop University. These exhibits both highlight the work of Winthrop students. The Art of the Book class has put together an exhibition of their projects completed as a result of topics discussed in class. Two students from the Fieldwork in Archaeology class have gathered together a collection of artifacts that were recovered from a dig site near Winthrop’s golf course. The artifacts are from the Aragon mill village and consist of items commonly found in homes. Both of these wonderful exhibitions will be on display during the months of May and June.

The Art of the Book 2013

Book Arts: Research and Construction of an Idea

         Instructors: Dr. Laura Rinaldi Dufresne & Dr. Laura Gardner

Detail from Manal Esmail's sculpture
Detail from Manal Esmail’s sculpture
One of Nadia Blackmon's books illustrating the ancient Irish Oghamic script
One of Nadia Blackmon’s books illustrating the ancient Irish Oghamic script

Undergraduate and graduate students in the 2013 Art of the Book class researched a process related to book arts. Each then constructed a display relative to the research topic and described the work in wall text. This fascinating exhibition includes a sculpture by MFA student Manal Esmail, a mixed media” movable book” by Maura Jackson, a “book made from recycled materials” by Amy Holbein, a faux leather bound series of books illustrating the ancient Irish Oghamic script by Nadia Blackmon, a digital book, titled Riley the Rat and the Red String by Katheryne Clark, and other equally fascinating works by Bethany Dickey, Lauren Copley, Mika Parajon, Trey Campbell, Jennifer Harrelson, Sally Lenski-Brown, Chelsea Owen, Rhiannon Snapp, and Mary Elizabeth Greene.

The exhibition may be perused numerous times and each time the viewer will glean something new.

Aragon Mill:

Artifacts from a Mill Village


Anthropology 345: Fieldwork in Archaeology

Instructor: Dr. Christina Brooks

Crockery from Aragon Mill Dig
Crockery from Aragon Mill Dig
Bottles from Aragon Mill Dig
Bottles from Aragon Mill Dig

During the Spring semester of 2008 the archaeology class began working on a project titled “Archaeology at the Farm” where the professor and students surveyed and excavated a small area in Winthrop’s recreational complex. The excavations were primarily done behind the ninth hole of Winthrop’s golf course and included shovel test pits as well as opening dig sites where numerous artifacts were recovered. Many of these artifacts are believed to have been from mill housing of the Aragon Mill that was located near the dig sites. Students Meghan Haller and Allison Morris put together an exhibit of many of the artifacts recovered in the dig along with documentation of the history and culture of Aragon Mill. Also included are copies of Ms. Haller’s and Ms. Morris’s papers on the history and workers of the mill.

These exhibits will be available for viewing through June 28 during regular Archives summer hours. (8:00-5:30, Monday-Thursday and 8:00-noon, Friday). For more information on the exhibits or any of the collections housed in the Pettus Archives, please contact the Archives at (803) 323-2334 or e-mail archives@winthrop.edu. The Archives web site is: www.winthrop.edu/dacus/archives.

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