They Like Us, They Really Like Us!

With all the bad news about libraries and their coming putative obsolescence, here’s a bit of good news to ponder: young people like us, they really, really like us!  In the Pew Internet and American Life Project’s latest survey, “Young Americans’ Library Habits and Expectations”, young people (ages 16-29) are as likely to visit a library as they are to be online.  They are connected, to be sure.  But the survey also found they are “just as likely as older adults to visit the library, and once there … borrow print books and browse the shelves….”  Moreover, large majorities under age 30 say the library is “very important” to have librarians as well as books for borrowing. Finally, very few think that “libraries should automate most library services, move most services online, or move print books out of public areas.”  But don’t believe this biased observer. Read the report for yourself!

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