Doing A Little Reorganizing

It’s been another busy summer at Dacus Library! No, there were no major renovations going on this summer like last year, but there was a good bit of reorganizing going on.  As we’ve been trying to adapt to our new space, master the myriad of changes taking place in libraries, and tame new technology to work for us rather than the other way around, some reorganization was required. The following is a list of some new roles for a few of our Public Services librarians:

  • Susan Silverman: Director of Library Assessment, 323-2306
  • David Weeks: Head of Public Services, 323-2319
  • Jackie McFadden: Information Literacy Coordinator (i.e. Bibliographic Instruction), 323-2322

With the shift toward electronic resources and the retirement in Spring 2013 of longtime library specialist Tesfa Sebhatu, it became obvious that reorganization of the Technical Services (TS) Division was in order.  All position descriptions were rewritten with more emphasis on e-resource collection and processing and less emphasis on print materials.  The new library specialist when hired will, in addition to traditional book cataloging, assume additional responsibilities in the areas of serials, e-books, database quality control, and Circulation backup.  The Serials Department within TS was renamed Electronic Resources and Serial Services in order to better reflect its functions relative to databases and e-book collections, most notably EBSCOhost e-book collection (formerly NetLibrary) and ebrary Academic Complete.

In addition, the Music Library will soon be moving into the space that the ACC lab occupied on the second floor. Because there is no longer an ACC lab in the library, some additional computers were spread throughout the building on each floor. All of the iMacs (six total) are located in the room that used to house the exhibits on the first floor. The exhibit cases now sit outside the Mac room. If you like a more quiet spot to work, we have more private study carrels available on the second floor, for a total of six. Three of them have computers and all six are big enough for one to two people to sit comfortably. These are now left unlocked and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any questions, please visit the Information Commons desk.


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