Yep, We’ve Got That

Welcome to all our new students, and welcome back to all returning ones. We in Dacus are very glad you’re here! As a reminder to our returning students, and an update for all new students, here’s few things you need to know about Dacus. By the time you finishing reading this blog, I hope you’ll be saying, too, yep, they’ve got that!

New Mac Lab: On the main floor we added a new Mac lab with six (6) new Macs ready for you to use. The lab is located in the front of the building toward Myrtle Street.

New PCs: For all you PC fans we didn’t leave you out, either. By Labor Day, we should have up and running 48 PCs on the main floor alone. We also added a cadre of six on the second floor (on the Withers side of the building) and five in the basement.

Music Library: It’s here in Dacus, on the second floor. The Computer Music Technology and Classroom is now in the basement.

24-hour access: Yep, we’ve got you covered. Beginning Labor Day night, the library will be open 24/5. We will open on Sundays at 1 p.m. and not close again until Fridays at 7 p.m.. Saturdays we open from Noon to 7 p.m.. Until then, Dacus is open until midnight Mondays through Thursdays, Fridays, 8a.m.- 7p.m., Saturdays, Noon-7p.m. and Sundays 1 p.m.-midnight.

Laptops: Yep, we’ve got them, 20 to be exact.

iPads: Yep, those, too, about a dozen. Laptops and iPads are available for check out.

Kindles and MacBook Airs: Yep, got ’em, and they, too, circulate.

Wireless?: Of course, all three floors.

Textbooks: Oh yes, we have those, too, ready for you to drop by and check out. While we cannot provide a textbook for every single class, we have the majority of them at the Information Commons.

Prizes!? Yep, we’ve got them , too, during Welcome Week, but also throughout the year. Check out the Scavenger Hunt information elsewhere on this blog.

Research Assistance: By all means. Wondering how you’ll do all those papers? We’ll we’ve got an app for that! We call it, LIBRARIANS. While we won’t write them for you, let us help you forge through the maze of information. Don’t waste your time Googling it! Instead, librarian-it. We have twelve of them ready to help you! And don’t forget our LibGudies!

Pens? Pencils? Blue books: Oh yeah, we got you covered. Just ask where the vending machine is (it should be up and ready by mid-September).

Group Study Rooms: Yep, four of them. See the Information Commons!

Technobooths? Say what?! Yep, we’ve got them and if you don’t know what they are, just ask anyone at the Information Commons.

Ebooks: You bet, over 100,000 of them.

Databases? More than 100 of them!

Chat with a librarian? Of course, see out homepage. You can text, them, too (803.272.4077).

Books? Remember them? Yes, of course, more than 400,000 of them! If we don’t have it, we can get it.

As the fourth largest academic library in the state we have what you need or we can get it. Don’t be afraid to ask us!

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