Music Library Replaces Academic Computing Lab in Dacus


Over the summer, the Music Library moved to its new location on the second floor of Dacus Library. The Academic Computing Lab, once located there, was removed and its contents subsumed into other labs. Dacus now has almost fifty (50) public computers on the main floor alone, with almost a dozen located on its other two floors.

Furthermore, Dacus also maintains its own Mac Lab on the main floor in addition to all its PCs. Finally, by going to the Information Commons, you can check out any of our twenty (20) laptops or fifteen (15) iPads. The need, therefore, for the AC in Dacus appeared superfluous. The Music Library and its contents moved to, well, a library. For the first time in anyone’s memory, the music, scores, and music, and music reference are now all located in the music library — what a novelty!

The academic computer labs are located about the campus can be found here. If you want to save yourself some walking, you can always check the occupancy (or computer availability) in any of the labs by going here.

As always, if you need help with any question, go the Information Commons where a librarian happily waits to serve you.

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