President Comstock visits us

President Comstock paid a visit to Dacus Library and the Pettus Archives on Wednesday, September 18th, as part of her listening tour. Her visit started off with a tour of the Archives, where she took a picture with the pirate on display from the Pirates, Privateers and Bucaneers! exhibit that was there through the month of September.

Comstock at Archives

She then toured Dacus Library and met with the Management Team where she was presented with information including, but not limited to, the organizational structure, personnel, resources, goals, recent accomplishments/activities, and assessment of the library and archives. Her visit concluded with a presentation of some highlights from the 2012/2013 fiscal year and there was a question and answer session that followed. Faculty and staff from the library and archives were encouraged to attend.

During the question and answer session the current and future status and resources of the library and archives were discussed. David Weeks, the Head of Public Services, said, “the overall impression I got was that she is genuinely concerned about the library’s needs and understands what a valuable asset it is for students.” There were similar responses from other staff as well. Ronnie Faulkner, the Head of Technical Services, said, “President Comstock’s overall supportive attitude toward the library impressed me.  She supports the library and library services not only in words, but in deeds, as demonstrated by her joining the Friends of Dacus Library shortly after coming to Winthrop.”

President Comstock will be attending the annual Friends of Dacus Library meeting this coming Monday evening where we look forward to inducting her and her husband, Larry, as Life Members of the Friends.

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