What a busy semester it has been

Although it’s hard to believe that Fall Break has come and gone already and that we’re halfway into the month of October, many of us at the library are feeling a little exhausted, although pleased, at the number of patrons we’ve been seeing in the library this semester. A few statistics might give you some insight into how busy we’ve been at Dacus:

For the month of September:

  • 138,644 print jobs were sent to the public printers
  • 27,393 people have walked through the doors
  • 12,443 desktop computer logins
  • 2,028 reference transactions
  • 1,715 textbook reserve checkouts
  • 1,161 laptop computer checkouts

Techo Booth

Of course there’s a lot more going on at the library, behind the scenes, that you might not be aware of. Books and electronic materials are getting ordered, cataloged and processed, electronic databases and the library website are continually maintained, PASCAL and Interlibrary Loan requests are being processed, delivered and checked out, library instruction classes are happening on a regular basis, and many other jobs are being performed to serve our Winthrop community’s academic needs. And here’s a shout out to our wonderful student workers – we could not get everything done without them! A big thanks should also go to our student workers and our security guard  who make it possible for us to keep our doors open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

As the fall semester progresses, we hope to see more of you in here using the resources and services we work so hard to provide. Just bear with us if we look a little on the tired side from time to time. It’s hard work keeping up with you, but we’re delighted to put forth the effort!

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