Discovering Dacus: Group Study Rooms

Ever since the main floor of Dacus Library was renovated in the summer of 2012, our group study rooms have been a hit! The renovations allowed us to add 7 group study rooms: one presentation room  that has a smart board, two technology rooms (or “techno” booths as we call them) that each have the capability of plugging in up to six laptops and four group study rooms that have a large dry erase board that can be moved around the room.

Group Study Rooms 2

Last year we tried checking these rooms out to students for three hours at a time for groups of three or more. Over the summer we decided to try something different. The doors were left unlocked and open so that anyone could  use them on a first-come, first-served basis. The new method worked so well that we decided to continue with it in the fall!

If there are just a couple of you using a group study room and there are large groups waiting to use a room, we ask that you be courteous and consider using a small study room on the second floor or a table on any of the three floors. Even though the main floor is not designated as a quiet study area, like the other two floors, we do ask that you not be too noisy in the group study rooms – they are not sound proof by any means.

So whether you’re looking for a good place to do group work, practice an upcoming presentation or study for a test with other classmates, we hope you’ll make use of our group study rooms. If you have any questions about them, please stop by the Information Commons desk.

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