Discovering Dacus – Study carrels?

Have you ever been in a library and heard the term “study carrel” but wondered what that means? You’re not alone. It’s an old term, but it’s still used today in many public and academic libraries. Study carrels are essentially small study rooms meant for quiet study. _DSC6440Whether you call them study rooms or study carrels, they are available to you at Dacus Library. We have a total of six small rooms that you can use on the second floor – three on the back of the building and three on the front near the main stairwell. These study carrels have the blinds removed on the interior windows so you can see whether they are occupied. If the room is not occupied, you may use it for however long you like. They are on a first-come, first-served basis, like our larger group study rooms on the main floor. All study carrels should have two chairs in them – they’re only large enough to seat one to two people comfortably so if you have a larger group, see if a group study room is available. The three study rooms on the front of the building have a small desk area, whereas the ones on the back of the building also contain a computer, with the same software and printing capabilities as the other computers in the library.


As exams approach, these study carrels will fill up quickly, but if you’re still looking for a quiet place to study, just remember that the second and ground floors are designated quiet floors. So let the studying begin!

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