Noted Scholar Michael Shapiro to Deliver Lecture on April 11th at Winthrop

Winthrop continues its long tradition of excellence both inside and outside the classroom with a lecture by well-known scholar and professor emeritus of Brown University, Michael Shapiro.  The College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPAA) is hosting the event. It will take place from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on Friday, April 11th at the Studio Theatre, Johnson Hall.

Professor Shapiro, whose research in Slavic and Semiotic Studies is nationally known, will provide the keynote address on “Style as a Cognitive Category” as part of VPAA’s panel on “Semiotic Perspectives on the Arts and Cognition.”  Following the father of modern semiotics, Charles Sanders Peirce, Shapiro will discuss the theory of signs as a vehicle for understanding style as a cognitive category that includes all manifestations of human meaning.

Dacus has on reserve three of Professor Shapiro’s books (under “Michael Shapiro Lecture”) for anyone who wishes to explore further Professor Shapiro’s lifelong work on this important examination of what it means to be human in a cross-disciplinary context.

The books on reserve, which Professor Shapiro graciously donated, are the following:

  • Marianne Shapiro, From the Critic’s Workbench: Essays in Literature and Semiotics (New York: Peter Lang, 2005)
  • Michael and Marianne Shapiro. Figuration in Verbal Art (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1988)
  • Michael and Marianne Shapiro, The Sense of Form in Literature and Language, 2nd, expanded ed. (Scotts Valley, Calif.: CreateSpace, 2009)

Professor Shapiro was born in Yokohama, spent his early childhood in Japan, and grew up speaking Russian, Japanese, and English.  In addition to Brown, he has taught, among other places at Princeton, Columbia, and UCLA.  He and his late wife, the medievalist and Renaissance scholar, Marianne Shapiro, have written numerous books together, including Figuration in Verbal Art and The Sense of Form in Literature and Language. His most recent book, The Speaking Self: Language Lore and English Usage” was published in 2012.

Professor Shapiro’s lecture will be followed by a panel discussion that consists of professors Tomoko Deguchi, (Winthrop’s music department), Martin Mendelsberg, visiting professor (Metropolitan State University), Stephanie Milling (Winthrop’s theater and dance), and Seymour Simmons (Winthrop’s fine arts).

We hope you can attend what promises to be a most stimulating and provocative discussion.

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