Archives Collection Spotlight

Back Campus with Power House in Backgrouns- ca1909- From Memorabilia no276
Winthrop Students on a Wood Pile on Back Campus – ca1907

MEMORABILIA: SCRAPBOOKS, 1890s-1970s (Accession W415.2-4D)

The Winthrop Scrapbook Collection consists of scrapbooks and photograph albums created by Winthrop students. The scrapbooks offer a detailed snapshot of student life during the time period they were created. The scrapbooks include photographs, event programs, invitations, newspaper clippings, handbooks, bulletins, correspondence, postcards, and memorabilia. The types of items placed in these scrapbooks were limited only by the imagination of the student and are truly a treasure hunt. Researchers will find all manner of items from cigarettes, candy wrappers, rocks, leaves, and even x-rays of teeth in the Winthrop Scrapbook Collection!

For more information please contact the Archives


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