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1890s Graduation Gown
1890s Graduation Gown

MEMORABILIA: CLOTHING AND UNIFORMS, 1880s-2000s (Accession W415.2-5E)

The Winthrop Clothing and Uniform Collection consist of many types of clothing and uniforms worn by Winthrop Students from the 1880s on. Beginning in 1895, Winthrop instituted a uniform policy in an effort to make students equals, with no regard to socio-economic class. This tradition continued until the spring 1955 and many examples of these uniforms are preserved in the Archives. The Clothing and Uniform Collection also contain articles of clothing such as handmade graduation gowns from the 1890s, wool athletic bloomers, band uniforms and hats, graduation gowns, wool swimsuits for gym class, Winthrop apparel, and Winthrop athletic uniforms as well as uniforms worn by students from the 1890s to the 1950s,

For more information please contact the Archives

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