Social Networking Sites Most Popular Among College Students

There seems to be a lot of talk out there about Facebook losing popularity with young adults – even President Obama brought the topic up this year in a coffee shop. This got us in the library wondering are college students really tossing Facebook aside? The desk staff see students logging into Facebook on the library computer terminals all the time.  But if college students really aren’t using Facebook as much now, what are they using to fill that social media-sized hole in their hearts?

According to a Digiday article, Facebook losing its edge among college-aged adults, Facebook use among college students is in decline, but maybe not to the extent that some of us have been led to believe. An internet analytics company, comScore, collected data on the use of social networking sites among U.S. college-aged adults (ages 18-24). They found that Facebook continues to be the most widely used social network on campuses, but that its use has declined by three percentage points from February 2013 to November 2013. A different study involving college-bound high school students showed an even larger decrease in Facebook use. However, other social networks have seen significant increases in use among high school and college-aged students.

As of November 2013, here are the social networking sites that are the most popular among college students according to comScore’s data:

1. Facebook: 88.6% of college students in Nov. 2013, down from 91.5% in  Feb. 2013.

2. Instagram: 51.5% in Nov. 2013, up from 44% in Feb. 2013.

3. Twitter: 43.7% in Nov. 2013, up from 40.1% in Feb. 2013.

4. Tumblr: 35.5% in Nov. 2013, up from 31% in Feb. 2013.

5. Snapchat: 25.9% in Nov. 2013, up from a mere 3.2% in Feb. 2013.

6. Vine: 25% in Nov. 2013, didn’t register with comScore in February 2013 because it had just been launched the month before.

The article linked above provides more details on these social networking sites and why they might be losing or gaining popularity among the college crowd. Winthrop students, feel free to leave us a comment and let us know what social networks you use most!

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