Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction:

Rock Hill, SC has never been home to a minor league baseball team.

Dusty Rhodes Article2False:

Rock Hill, SC was the home for the Rock Hill Chiefs from 1947-1955, Rock Hill Wrens in 1963, Rock Hill Cardinals from 1964-1966, and Rock Hill Indians from 1967-1968. These Rock Hill teams played at Highland Park which was the site where the District Three Football Stadium currently stands.

In that time two Hall of Famers and a World Series hero passed through Rock Hill.

Hall of Fame pitcher, Steve Carleton pitched for the Rock Hill Cardinals in 1964 and went 10-1 with an ERA of 1.03.

Hall of Fame manager, George Lee “Sparky” Anderson was a Major League Baseball player and manager who went on to win two World Series titles with the Cincinnati Reds (1975, 1976) and one with the Detroit Tigers (1984).

James Lamar “Dusty” Rhodes played for the Rock Hill Chiefs in 1950 and 1951 (hit .344 with 31 home runs in 1951) and even worked at the Bleachery in the offseason before eventually helping the New York Giants win the 1954 World Series over the heavily favored Cleveland Indians. Dusty won the first game of the 1954 World Series with a pinch-hit, 10th-inning three-run homer off future Hall of Famer Bob Lemon. In game two he delivered a pinch single in the fifth and a home run in the seventh against another future Hall of Famer, Early Wynn, to highlight a 3-1 Giants win. Finally, in Game 3, he hit a two-run pinch single that led to a 6-2 Giants win.

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