Why the Big Delay with 24 Hour Access at Dacus?

Many of you might be wondering what has happened to 24 hour access at Dacus Library. Why don’t we have it yet? Is it coming back? And if it is returning, when?

Well, the good news is that 24 hours/5 days a week will be returning. We don’t yet know when, but we hope to have it resume next week, if not before. The big delay has been because the security guard we had hired last year left. He did a great job and we wish him much luck in his future endeavors, but the simple fact is that without a security guard, we don’t have the staffing to remain open past midnight. Having a security guard not only allows the building to remain open past midnight, but allows for a safe environment in the building.

We know this has been confusing and frustrating for those who are used to Dacus being open 24 hours/5 days a week, but be assured that it has not been taken away, it has just been held up a bit by the interview and hiring process of security. We are working feverishly to get someone in place, so please bear with us just a little longer. And if you’re unsure of when we’re open and when we’re closed, check out our hours page here for all the details.

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