Does Dacus Library Have the Textbooks You Need?

The quick answer is: possibly. For the past couple of years, Dacus Library has received a small budget to be used for purchasing some of the textbooks most widely used by Winthrop students. Since we can’t purchase all required textbooks for all courses, we try to purchase textbooks for courses that have the highest enrollment to help out the most students. We currently have about 380 textbooks on reserve. We allow textbooks to be checked out for 3 hours, but keep in mind that they must stay in the building (library use only). If you’re short on time and just need to scan a few pages or a chapter, our three scanning stations on the backside of the Information Commons desk can be used; you can email or save your scans to a flashdrive for free or print your scans using your print quota.

To figure out if we have a textbook, go to the library homepage and click on the Reserves & Textbooks link located under the quick catalog search box (see image below). You must search for textbooks by course name (ex. HMXP 102), not professor name. If you only know the title of the textbook, instead of typing in the course name, type in “textbook” and you’ll get a list of everything on textbook reserve.


There are also course reserves which are materials (not necessarily textbooks) that your professor may have put on reserve for a specific course. You can check for these via the Reserves & Textbooks link either by course name or professor name.

If you still have questions, come to the Information Commons desk or contact us via chat, text, email or phone.


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