New and Improved Laptops at Dacus Library!

Did you know that the Circulation Department at Dacus Library just replaced its old laptops with new ones? Well we did! The 20 old Dell laptops have been replaced with 26 new ones, 2 of which can be loaned out for 7 days, like our iPads; the other 24 can be checked out for the normal 3 hour library use only loan period. The new laptops not only allow you to access your Z-Drive (from an icon on the desktop), but they also allow you to connect to the printers in the library (if you’re in the library) by prompting you to enter your ACC account username and password. It will deduct the print job from your print quota as normal.

laptop1 edited

Remember: If you save any work locally to the laptop itself, as soon as the laptop is shutdown or restarts, your work will be deleted and cannot be recovered, so make sure you are saving to external media such as a flash drive or your Z-Drive and save often!

For information on overdue charges, replacement charges and other policies regarding the laptops, please see the Circulation Department’s page on our website.

And let those of us at the Information Commons desk know how you like the new laptops – we love to receive input!

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