Librarian Spotlight

This month’s librarian spotlight is on Jackie McFadden, Dacus Library’s Information Literacy Coordinator.


Jackie has worked at Dacus Library for 13 years. As Information Literacy Coordinator, she not only coordinates the library instruction program, but also manages the 118-year-old Federal Depository Library (government documents collection) at Dacus and assists students and faculty at the Information Commons as a reference librarian.

Jackie has a BA degree in Business Administration from Columbia College and a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree from the University of South Carolina. She currently is researching information literacy and the way that students seek, process, and retain information.

Some of Jackie’s interests include South Carolina history, photography, cats, dogs and horses. You can view some of her beautiful photography on her website.  She is currently working on a documentary about the Marsh Tacky horse with MELT, LLC. You can watch the movie trailer here. She is also writing a book about the history of the Marsh Tacky horse in South Carolina with Patti Stafford that will be published by History Press in 2015. She has been asked to submit 80 original photographs for the book. Jackie says “the Marsh Tacky remains on the endangered list and I hope that the book and documentary will generate more interest in the breed.  There are now 325 living Marsh Tackies.  I own 2 of them, “Little Miss” River and Yago.” Pictured below is Jackie with River. She also has several cats and dogs, all are rescues ranging in age from 5 months to 19 years.

Jackie and River

As part of her library duties Jackie has developed research guides on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, Biology, Legal Research, and Government Information. You can take a look at the complete list here. If you’re needing to do some biological research, check out her most popular guide on Biology to find a variety of trustworthy resources. If you would like to meet with Jackie for a research consultation, she is happy to set up an appointment. Just send an email to

Dacus Library has many wonderful librarians on staff who all teach library instruction classes, work various hours on the reference desk, and do collection development work. Each librarian also has other specialized responsibilities within the library. You can view all of our previous librarian spotlight posts here or check back at the beginning of the month for a new one!

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