24 Hour Access Resumes at Dacus Library on Tuesday, January 20th!

7436556656_22f76a513a_q Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart on
flickr with a Creative Commons license.

For all those who have been wondering when twenty-four hour access starts back up at Dacus Library, the answer is now! As of today, January 20th, twenty-four hour access begins. The normal schedule is that we open at 1:00 PM on Sundays and remain open until 7:00 PM on Fridays. On Saturdays we open at noon and close at 7:00 PM.

So get excited all you night owls – you can once again burn the midnight oil in Dacus Library most of the week! Just remember you must have your Winthrop ID to get in the door! Check our hours page or the the library blog for more information on our hours! Or better yet, like us on Facebook or follow us via Twitter to keep up with our hours or any unexpected closings!



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