How To Read A Call Number

Not an expert at reading the call numbers on the books at Dacus Library? That’s okay, you don’t have to be. Use this chart to help you figure out the basics of reading the call numbers you’ll see on our materials. Like most academic and research libraries, Dacus Library utilizes the Library of Congress Classification system to organize our materials.

How to Read a Call Number_WebThis Piktochart was created by our Audio-Visual Archivist, Michelle Dubert-Bellrichard.

Once you know how to read these call numbers you just need to know which floor the various call numbers are on. Our Current Periodicals and books in our Reference Collection are located on the Main Floor. If you’re looking for an item in our General Collection whose call number begins with an H, J, K, L or P head to the Ground Floor. You’ll also find the Juvenile Collection down there. Everything else in our General Collection will be on the Second Floor along with our Oversize Collection. Government Documents use a different kind of call number so feel free to ask a librarian how to find these materials.

Still not having any luck finding what you need in the stacks? Ask someone at the Information Commons desk to help!



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