Librarian Spotlight

This month’s librarian spotlight is on Dr. Ronnie Faulkner, Dacus Library’s Head of Technical Services and Development Officer.


Dr. Faulkner (Ronnie) has been working at Dacus Library for four-and-a-half years, but has been a librarian for thirty-six years. As Head of Technical Services he supervises the technical services staff, covering areas of cataloging, database management, and monographic, serials, and electronic acquisitions. In addition, he does research and preparation of grant proposals, is a liaison with the University Development Office, acts as liaison and Secretary-Treasurer of  the Friends of Dacus Library, compiles and edits the Friends of Dacus Library Newsletter and the library development newsletter, and teaches HMXP 102 classes.

Ronnie has a BS degree in History from Campbell College, a MA degree in History from East Carolina University, a Masters in Library Science degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a PhD in History from the University of South Carolina.

Outside of work, Ronnie is the Secretary of the Rotary Club of Rock Hill and has been a Rotarian for over thirty years. Below is a picture of him being presented as the Rotary Major Donor on Sept 11, 2014. He attends Northside Baptist Church in Rock Hill and his other interests include science fiction, history and political science.


As part of his library duties Ronnie teaches some of the bibliographic instruction classes, so if you would like to meet with him for a research consultation, he is happy to set up an appointment. Just send an email to You can also take a look at the Friends of Dacus Library page, the Friends of the Library newsletter, and the Dacus Developments newsletter.

Dacus Library has many wonderful librarians on staff who all teach library instruction classes, work various hours on the reference desk, and do collection development work. Each librarian also has other specialized responsibilities within the library. You can view all of our previous librarian spotlight posts here or check back at the beginning of the month for a new one!

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