More on Author Sam Kean’s Talk Monday Night

Popular science author Sam Kean was the guest speaker at Monday evening’s Friends of the Library meeting for Dacus Library.

Mark Herring, dean of library services writes, “While the weather unexpectedly became a literal wet blanket on the event just minutes before it began, the turnout was very good and no one present left disappointed.  Kean delivered a sparkling tour of his books, interjecting anecdotes and additional stories to round out the substance of his three very engaging volumes.  In a conversational style, Kean regaled the audience with tidbits about his early career, his childhood and his ongoing work.  But more than anything, Mr. Kean made science come alive in ways that for many of us it has never been before.  He showed how taking on one element from the Periodic Table can lead one on a romp through history, literature and all of human culture.  Although we tend to think of science and scientists as rational and unbiased, it turns out that the pursuit of credit for scientific discovery makes its “hunters” as mean-spirited and grasping as the rest of us!  Mr Kean’s next book, due out in 2017, will discuss the air we breathe and the history and culture it holds.

In short, this was a delightful evening for all who came out.  Anyone who missed it will want to put this date—early October—on their calendars so as not to miss next year’s speaker.”

You can read more here about Sam Kean, his books and the talk he gave Monday night. If you’re interested in becoming a Friend of the Library, please visit the Friends’ page for more information.

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