All Floors Open in Dacus During Exam Week

Here’s something we’re trying out this semester that we really think you will like:

Beginning on Study Day all three floors of Dacus Library will remain open past midnight (during 24 hour access). Our hours will be the same as usual except on Friday, December 11th, we’ll remain open until midnight.

With all three floors remaining open, we will have additional security in the building. Make sure you bring your ID to get into the building! Those who do not have a valid Winthrop ID on them will not be allowed in past midnight.

Services will end at midnight, as usual, so if you need a laptop, book on reserve or you need to check anything out, you have to do this before the Information Commons desk closes!

We hope the extra space open and additional public computers available will aid you in studying and finishing those final papers and projects of the semester. If this is something you really like, let us know! We love your feedback!

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