Who Is Your Fictional Crush?

Dacus Library wants to know this week, who is your fictional crush? We’ve got a station set up on the main floor near the central stairwell where you can fill out a valentine with the name of your fictional crush – it can be a character from a book, play, musical, movie, tv show or other piece of fiction. We’ll string them up around the Information Commons just for fun this week. Feel free to take a piece of candy if you fill out a valentine.


And don’t forget, we have some fictional reading material you can check out from Dacus Library – not everything is non-fiction! The easiest section to browse is our paperback section at the top of the stairwell on the second floor. Yes, there is a romance section – those have a spine label that’s blue. But don’t worry, there are other genres as well like mystery/suspense, for example. The spinning racks have mostly fiction paperbacks but there are a few non-fiction biographical-type paperbacks as well. If you’re looking for some entertainment in DVD-format, the flat bookcase beside the spinning racks has your more fun/not-as-educational DVDs. You’ll find some other good literature and DVDs mixed throughout the general collection, so do a search in our catalog to see if we have what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask at the Information Commons desk (where you check out these materials) or give us a call at 803-323-4501 (reference) or 803-323-4502 (circulation).

Happy Valentine’s week from Dacus!

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