Trouble Accessing Resources From Off-Campus?

Have you had trouble accessing the library’s databases or e-books from off-campus? Chances are, you just haven’t created a library account password. That’s right, you have to create one. Unfortunately the library’s system does not automatically use your email or wingspan password.

To create your password just go to the library account link from our homepage. Then select the set/reset password link. Type in your Winthrop email username (first part of your email address) and click the request new password button. Then check your email – the email will contain a link that will then allow you to create your password. Use this password and your email username anytime you access our electronic resources from off-campus.

If you’re pretty sure you’ve already created a library account password, then just reset your password using the directions above. You can even reset it to whatever you thought you had it set to (great for those of us who can’t keep a million different passwords straight in our heads!). For any further questions, please give us a call at 803/323-4501.



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