Changing the Ending


C.S.Lewis once wrote that you cannot change the beginning of a thing because it’s already passed.  But you can start where you are and change the ending. That sums up where we are in Dacus: in the middle of change, and trying to change the ending.

Some years ago, I, along with most of the others in the profession, began talking about the coming spate of Baby-Boomer retirements.  That deluge is now upon, and it feels more like a tsunami!  Couple that with a departure or two, and you now need a scorecard to tell who is doing what in Dacus these days.  Herewith, that scorecard, below

We rejoice with those who are at this point in their careers; we also mourn our loss of their experience, institutional memory, and vast competence.  Doubtless we’ll find those to fill their shoes.  But to recapture all that experience and expertise will not be easy.  Below I have listed some changes that have already taken place, or will be taking place soon.  I have indicated the roles they are now filling so you will know whom to call.

Ms. Jackie McFadden … Head of Public Services, replacing David Weeks

Ms Emily Cranwell … Audio-Visual and Reference Librarian, replacing Michelle Dubert               Bellrichard

Offer Extended & Accepted … Collections and Acquisitions Head, replacing Dr. Antje Mays

Ms Michaela Volkmar … Information Literacy Coordinator, taking over for Ms McFadden

Ongoing Searches

Technology Liaison … to fill the retirement by Ms. Brenda Knox

Outreach Librarian … to fill the role held by Michaela Volkmar

Head of Content Services … to fill the retirement by Dr. Ronnie Faulkner


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