About Dacus Library

The primary goal of the Ida Jane Dacus Library is to support the instructional and research activities of the Winthrop University academic community. The Winthrop Library is the primary provider on campus of scholarly information in all forms from print to electronic.  To fulfill its mission, the Library will:

  • Provide information quickly, efficiently, and in sufficient depth to promote the excellence of all academic programs offered by the university.
  • Provide the teaching that will guide students through the intricate maze of expanding information resources.
  • Maintain depository status for federal and state publications.
  • Collect and preserve records of importance in South Carolina history.
  • Provide digital education, encourage equity in access to all resources, and serve as a center in South Carolina for inter-institutional cooperation in the sharing of library resources.
  • Measure and evaluate its efforts through comparison with regional and national standards, surveys of patrons, and the evaluation reports of discipline specific accreditation teams.
  • Work closely with and seek the support of students, faculty, and the administration.

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